Langtree Charter Academy Opening In August 2013

Langtree Charter Academy is due to open its doors in August 2013 in Langtree Road in Mooresville and we are delighted to have this schooling opportunity in our region.

The Academy will take in students K-6 in 2013/2014 school year and then 7-12 in the subsequent years. Langtree is a member of the Charter Schools of USA (CSUSA) and is one of 48 SACS accredited, high performing schools throughout the United States.

Langtree Charter Academy is a tuition-free public charter school serving students who reside in North Carolina.

Visit their website:

What Are Public Charter Schools? 

Public Charter Schools are independent public schools whereby the teachers are given the freedom to establish an academic foundation and structure and the children learn with more flexibility than as set in out in the public school system. Some charter schools are founded by teachers, parents, or activists who feel restricted by traditional public schools and this would be a school by choice. The three groups would foster a partnership to create a winning environment to nurture the school going children.

For more information on Charter Schools USA, please visit

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